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Absolat Multi Ventures, a company that ventures into multiple business with the relentless entrepreneurial spirit of the promoter Mr Abaopo Olamide Samuel. As earlier said, Absolat as a company deals in various business, which include Automobile Sales, General interior and upholstery cleaning services, Laundry and dry cleaning service to mention a few, Absolat Multi Ventures is located here in Ibadan, where they are operating as a full fledged company offering quality services to their customers in Ibadan, Oyo State and western Nigeria as a whole.


Abaopo Olamide Samuel

CEO / Absolat Ventures


I am Abaopo Olamide Samuel the C E O of Absolat Multi Ventures . I am Economist by training in Ekiti state university where I graduated,I am indigene of Ayetoro,Ekiti state.I base in Ibadan.I am a goal oriented person that loves setting goals and means of achieving it.I believe in hardworking and favor makes the great. Absolat multi ventures is an entity that was born out of the economics knowledge and the environmental factors. I have internal drive to make impact in life, to be an achiever and also finding solutions to Nigeria economic system at large . God gifted behaviour of best practise of relationship makes me moving ahead of my contemporary in all my dealings...


Absolat Multi Ventures vision is to be a world class operator in divers of business dealings that satisfy customer want,needs and desires through Automobile Sales, General interior and upholstery cleaning services, Laundry and dry cleaning services branded with an “easy to do” business approach and a win-win business strategy with preferred partners, suppliers and customers.


We have been operating for over 2 years and have worked with several big individuals . We provide timely and high end quality laundry services & cleaning services to Apartments ,Schools, Hotels, Cinemas, Banks, Companies, Church,Mosque, Office, Hospitals, and Homes. Our good business relationships and long terms & agreements is why we are treated as a preferred business partner.


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