Use wooden or thicker plastic hangars to hang your clothing – avoid wire hangers because they tend to crease pants and tops...

you should often treat the stains as soon as possible and not just leave them for us. Once a stain dries, it’s harder to remove. But don’t just use soap or detergent and expect it to come clean. Follow the manufacturer’s label, and then bring your clothes to us to finish cleaning them. The following are the three stains that we see the most often:

  • Dirty collar or cuff – use a small amount of a mild hair shampoo
  • Ink stains – apply some rubbing alcohol on the stain
  • Deodorant stains – rub some white vinegar and water onto the stain, then rinse it off 30 minutes later

Items that are labeled ‘Dry Clean Only’ usually mean that, and even hand washing might not produce good results – so bring these to us and we’ll take care of them for you.

When preparing your clothes for pick up or drop off, make certain you don’t have any delicates or dry cleaning items mixed in with the regular laundry pile.

Check all your pockets before you bring your clothes to us – we’ll do this but it’s best if you remove your tissues and loose change.